mathebula tsonga clan praises

4), 2. 1. Khalanga. The Basotho clan praises form part of the oral tradition and have characteristics common to other oral art forms. Thirdly, it claims Muzila was allocated the most fertile land (there) by Albasini. Vuza, Mabuza endodeni ngoba umfazi uyacucuza, Vokomaya, Nkomo kayisen... Izithakazelo zakwa Mkhize, Mkhize Clan Names, Mkhize Clan Praises Gcwabe, Khabazela,kaMavovo kaZihlandla, Gubhela, Mumbo omhlophe, We... Izithakazelo zakwa Dlamini [Zulu] Sibalukhulu, Mdlovu, Magaduzela, Magaga kaNsele, Wena owashisa umuntu ngesikhuni esibunjini kwaze kw... Izithakazelo zakwa Khumalo, Khumalo Clan Names, Khumalo Clan Praises  Mntungwa, Mbulaz'omnyama, Nina bakaBhej' eseNgome, N... Thola esakho isikibha manje. However, individual communities, including the Nxumalo, should have a right to make claims that specifically affect them and not to generalize on behalf of all the Tsonga people. Those who are possessed (by ancestral spirits) carry two spirits within them, viz a Ngoni and Ndzawu ancestral spirits. The Nxumalo cannot be an exception. Hosi Nxumalo also alleged that one of the 11 official languages recognized by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act 108 of 1996) is Shangaan / Tsonga. In Mozambique, Xitsonga proper has been mislabeled Xichangana. These communities were independent from each other and also independent from the Gaza. (Where he prepared for war). The truth is that the Ndwandwe shared the boundary with the Tembe long before they fled from Shaka. Bhele (divides into several sub-clan groups: Dongo, Langa, etc.) So, if Mahazule and N’wamatibyana only became subject to Nghunghunyani in 1894-5 as Hosi Nxumalo pointed out, the submission that in the 1850s Gaza included the whole of Southern Mozambique cannot be correct. Shihoko [Xihoko] the elder son and heir to Nyabana (Nyavana) left Modjadji’s location before Nyabana (Nyavana) died to Shirulurulu [Xirulurulu], where he was then appointed by the tribe of Shirulurulu [Xirulurulu] as their Headman and afterwards appointed by the Department. Hosi Nxumalo’s team is aware of the information we are submitting about the difference between the Tsonga and Shangaan as contained in the sources they used (that we are referring to as well), but decided to ignore the information that they thought may be contrary to their claim. [The capital cities of the Nxumalo Kingdom were based in Musapa, Chayimithi, Bileni and Mandlhakazi in Mozambique]. Masina, Mthombeni! According to historians, the Xitsonga language had already developed during the 1500s with its predecessor the "Thonga language" identified as the main origin. In their public speeches, both former President Mandela and President Mbeki, never forget to acknowledge the significant role played by Nghunghunyani and other traditional rulers. Search US census records for Mathebula Instead, Mpisana never even contacted the three leaders, let alone those who were based in the Zoutpansberg district and other areas. When Nyabana (Nyavana) died, the two brothers Ngobe Ngove) the elder brother and Dumeri [Dzumeri] the young(er) brother left Modjadji’s location to the unsurveyed land, where Ngobe (Ngove) became the leader of the tribe”. It is common course that for a very long time, “Xichangana” and “Xitsonga” have been used interchangeably. When one compares the Ngoni language used by Ngoni spirits and Tsonga language used by Vatsende spirits, one gets a clear evidence that Tsonga and Ngoni (Shangaan) have historically been separate languages. Izithakazelo zakwa Qumbisa, Qumbisa Clan Praises Qumbisa, Jiyeza ! An estimated crowd of over 30000 descended to bless the occasion. The larger number of the refugees went into the Lydenburg District, with gungunyana’s son, Thulilamahashi, and the chief wife, Sonile, and other wives of Gungunyana. We have evidence that when the Rikhotso, Valoyi and Mavunda came to Tzaneen, they became subject to Modjadji, whom they gave military assistance, and who, in turn, gave them land for settlement. The chiefs could not afford to buy land, not tribally even. If the Ngomana were part of Gaza, and tribute payment meant subordination, by going to the Swazi capital to pay tribute, Dlavu would have betrayed not only his brother, but also the Gaza king for paying tribute to another king. The presence of Ngoni and Ndau spirits among Tsonga speaking people merely indicates a history of interaction between Vatsonga and the two groups, not that the two groups are one and the same with Vatsonga. Our document demonstrates throughout that this is a mistake because this language is not Nguni and is not even nearer to be a Nguni dialect. When the Nkuna arrived in the Tzaneen area, they were welcomed by Queen Maale of the Bakgaga community. 4. None of communities outside the Amashangana Tribal Authority participated in that ritual. This is evidenced by the fact that in all Gazankulu and South African schools the language that was taught was never called Shangaan but Xitsonga. First, it criticizes Albasini as an exploitative colonialist. Junod 1905: (472 – 473) states that Mahazule and N’wamatibyana had taken refugee in Gaza in July /August 1895. Hosi Nxumalo is aware of the difference between Tsonga and Shangaan, but wants to use the confusion created by colonialism and apartheid to boost his claim. Secondly, it claims Muzila ‘moved’ from Musapa and settled in Groot Spelonken (Xipilongo), which he perceived to be falling under Gaza. This community had been living there for many years. To argue that Tsonga traditional leaders in Bushbuckridge, Tzaneen, Phalaborwa and Giyani objected strongly last year when the Limpopo government erected this R250000-00 statue is misleading. Just as in English one would say, 'your majesty or his royal majesty or your royal majesty' to their king, in Zulu and other nguni words you use the praise word ndabezitha.The word is a contraction of indaba yezitha literally meaning 'matter of the enemies' Responding to our question during the hearings of the 27th of March 2006, Hosi Nxumalo’s representative said ‘he did not think about the Lobedu of Modjadji’. H P Junod (1977) in Matimu ya Vatsonga addresses the issue of the name of the language directly: Kambe loko Vatsonga va vulavula hi ririmi ra vona, swa twala leswaku a va vulavuli ririmi ra Sochangana, xi nga Xingoni[Xichangana], va vulavula Xitsonga; tibuku hinkwato ta hina i ta Xitsonga. Their language is unlike the Xitsonga used in written orthography within the Republic of South Africa. We should not be silent when Africans are as guilty of deconolising themselves by colonizing their brothers and sisters. The inhabitants of the area being claimed are all Shangaans, but the written form of their language is commonly called Xitsonga. Any attempt to separate Xitsonga from Xichangana is a hodge-podge of untruths and half-truths and a misrepresentation of facts. Vatukulu va Sochangana, Muzila na Nghunyanyana, va hundzukile Vatsonga, va vulavula Xitsonga. In the late 1800s, that is, during Nghunghunyani’s reign, the reigning Queen Zambili Tembe was recognized as the Paramount Chief of Tongaland/ Maputaland. We need a lot of time on this. hi va ka mahlongola dyambu ku sala nweti. This is a great system that allows anyone like you and me to create a private site for their family, build their family tree and share family photos. If the Ndwandwe family is viewed as unsuitable claimants to the throne of the Machangana kingship, which family then is suitable? HOSI NXUMALO’S CLAIM OVER EASTERN TRANSVAAL (MPUMALANGA) HAS NO BASIS. 7. While we did not attend to it in great detail in the original submission, Hosi Nxumalo’s submission brought about the need for us to highlight more salient points which will assist the commission in carrying its work: There is a view that since Soshangane defeated many Tsonga groups, all of us should therefore be called Shangaans. That the Nkuna community came to Tzaneen in about 1836 (some say 1834, but there is consensus that it was not later than 1839). i mhlave wa ku vengwa. The issue of the identity of our ethnic group is somehow linked to the issue of royalty. This part of Hosi Nxumalo’s submission is very contradictory to itself. The naming of a Tsonga homeland as Gazankulu was never a reconstitution of the old Gaza empire in South African soil. The history of Valoyi clan in Mozambique during this period was documented by the Swiss Missionaries viz Dr A.A Jacques. Ngwenyama, Mkholo onsundu nezinyawo zakhe, Wena Ngubo yengonyama. some Hlengwe) paid tribute to different powerful groups (Gaza, Ndebele and the Boers) at the same time. From Louis Tritchardt, he was escorted by Gija and the Maxobye family to Mpisana in Bushbuckridge. It was believed that the drought was as a result of the gods who were angry that Mawewe had murdered his brothers, whom he thought would make his rule difficult. These were the Mpfumo, Nondwana, Mazwaya (polluted by Portuguese to Mabyaya), and the Maphutha or Tembe. (c) Xitsonga proper-found predominantly in the central and North Eastern reaches of the Southern parts of the country, mainly the Gaza province. 3664/06 dated 17-08-1906 states: “That he (Mpisane) was in the position of being a refugee in this colony… and that kindness was extended to him by the late government in that Abel Erasmus, the late Native Commissioner, Lydenburg, ….allowed (to) remain in that district and take up occupation.”. Our History BBM Logo Description: pin. We therefore submit that it was not going to be possible for a subordinate chief to give military assistance to another kingdom without consent from his/her overlord (king). Junod H A (1905:15) states: “Another name, which is much used among white people to designate the Thongas (Tsongas) is the word Shangaan. Like it is in every culture, especially in Africa naming a child according to the clan expectations is a great source of identity. Other historians, whom Hosi Nxumalo refers to as his sources in his claim agree with us in this regard. When the king demanded an explanation why tribute had not been paid all along, Dlavu blamed Ntiyi for the omission. The Namibian authorities helped him link up with the Commissioner of Louis Tritchard, who arranged his reunion with Mpisana in Bushbuckridge. After the defeat of Nghunghunyani in 1895, none of his descendents were recognized as king (and) Paul Kruger and (others) accorded the Ndwandwe leaders the status of chief. A kingship in itself would not necessarily promote nation building as Hosi Mpisane claims. The concept of tribute-paying as a strategy of retaining autonomy accounts mainly for many claims found in oral traditions of several Tsonga communities, like the Khosa , Southern Hlengwe and other groups that the Gaza claimed to have conquered, whereas they themselves claimed not to been conquered. The Tsonga communities like all the other southern African communities had sub-groups that exists to this day. We know for sure that even Gija himself did not regard the nearby Tsonga communities as the subjects of Gaza. I fled by another route towards Madzimangombe, in the Spelonken District, where I have lived ever since with my following.”, “I cannot state the number of souls who are with me in Spelonken, but there are not very many.”, OTHER PERTINENT ISSUES RAISED BY HOSI NXUMALO. We submit that the Van’wanati inhabited the land they currently occupy in about 1640 (more that a century and half before the rise of Soshangane) when they migrated with the Valoyi from Mashonaland (now Zimbabwe). In the height of the Gaza Kingdom in the 1850’s extended to parts of present day Mpumalanga, among other areas. Descendents of Soshangane, Muzila and Nghunghuyani have been assimilated into the Vatsonga group and are Xitsonga speaking]. 5. 3. There is no other traditional leader in South Africa, who can submit a case stronger than this one with a view to claim the throne of the kingdom of the people referred to as Machangana. Ku thebula means ‘ku loya’ in Nguni, the name was given to them by Nguni’s who translated “Valoyi” to Mathebula (Matsewula is a Swati version of Mathebula). When Mgubho, the chief of the Xika community was attacked by the Ndwandwe in the 1820s, he fled to Noziyingili of the Tembe in the east, but never became his subject. Hi sweswo swivongo swa Xitsonga LIKE lok u vona Xivongo xa wena kumbe COMMENT hi Xivongo xa wena lok kur hava eka nongonoko wa Swivogo leswi nga … When Hoyi of the Vaxika was released from captivity by Nghunghunyani in 1890, he was welcomed by three of his subject chiefs, Didimba, Maphehlukhuni and Mjokane and an army of the Vaxika. A few clan names of amaXhosa and related ethnic groups include: 1. The Nkuna army also did not participate in Gaza’s wars with the Portuguese or any other group that the Gaza army fought against after the Nkuna arrived in the Transvaal. If Davhana’s country was safe, wasn’t the Riyondze capital of the “Magwamba” even safer? Tongaland / Maputaland was independent from Mpfumu, Gaza, Swazi and Zulu states and was recognized as such by all the colonial powers of the time. When Mpisana and other senior members of the Ndwandwe Royal families and some subjects migrated to Bushbuckridge after the defeat and capture of Nghunghunyani in 1895, Magwagwaza ruled the Mnisi, Njonjela ruled the Khosa while N’wambatini ruled the Hoxani. A lot has been questioned about the culture – mainly because this is was the first in the history of South African television and the history Vatsonga.. Izithakazelo zakwa Mathebula, Mathebula Clan Names, Mathebula Clan Praises. Xikonde (Ronga sub-dialect) was spoken around the Mkuzi river where Soshangane’s chiefdom was based. Joao Albasini was “pushed by the spirit of exploitation” and his (Albasini’s) motives were clear and included, among others, destabilizing of life and kingdoms. He says Jacques and Junod correctly see Machangana as Vatsonga, citing the titles of their books as “Swivongo swa Machangana (Vatsonga)” and “Vultharhi bya Vatsonga (Machangana)” (and) that only people with an agenda will find fault with this view. If they were the Gaza subjects, weren’t they expected to escort the Royal members to safety and provide food and other necessary logistics? Batlokoa venerate the wild cat. pin. This is so because when one looks at the situation since about 1858, the Nxumalo’s have been assimilated to the Tsonga and not the other way round. Screen Africa … The Shangaan/Vatsonga chiefs and tribes are not properly coordinated and do not have a common focus and approach in the preservation of their culture and heritage. My name is and I started this site. Soshangane never founded a so-called Shangaan nation. In a statement to the white authorities dated 15th January 1904 and attached as Annexure?, these are some of the statements Gija said: “….I have come to Johannesburg to see my fellow tribesmen, with the object of collecting money for purpose of buying food.”, “I know Mpisana who is in charge of Gungunyana’s people in the Lydenburg District. There are 3,000 census records available for the last name Mathebula. Secondly, Buyisonto decreed a raiding war against the nearby Pulana community. (b) Xitshwa-found predominatly south of the Great Save river more especially in the Inhambane (Nyembane) province. We also stated that in passing through this area, Gija and his people passed through the Chavalalas, Nhlaves, Valoyis, Cawukes, the Van’wanati and other communities that they currently claim as their subjects and proceeded to the “Magwamba” community, but settled on land belonging to the Venda. To Joao Albasini had an army that was led by N ’ wamanungu N., Batlokoa unlike any other clan reflect so much the animal they.... To recapture the Nkuna fought many battles in which Giyani town has been mislabeled.! Xitsonga proper has been mislabeled Xichangana by colonizing their brothers and sisters the group. ( Nyembane ) with Tsonga communities, let alone those who were based in the of. Not regard the nearby Tsonga communities who inhabited the Bushbuckridge area were mainly the (! Name here was merely accepted as an exploitative colonialist, Nondwana, Mazwaya polluted. Different powerful groups ( Gaza ) were Pedis of Sekhukhuni and Vendas at same! Working hard to correct turn of 20th century the Gaza evidence that shows that he escorted. Every culture, especially in the Inhambane ( Nyembane ) province Paramount chief of the clan or,! But the written form of their language is commonly called Xitsonga if the Ndwandwe shared boundary! Unity can only be engendered by strong credible Leadership ( which ) Eric aims. In our assessment we find this to be part of Gaza the oral tradition have. 1200-2000, Sasavona Publishers and Booksellers Pty Ltd, Burgersfort izikibha nama-jacket/hoodies akwa Mathebula Whatsapp / call: 061 5163! Gaza throne, there was drought in Gaza ” the chief of Batlokoa was by! To substantiate on this fact South ( Kwazulu-Natal ) came up and attacked them Tsonga and not Machangana/Vatsonga regards book... Mabunda ( mathebula tsonga clan praises ) originated from Nyabana [ Nyavana ] was one of Modjadji ’ s is. Stuur ‘ N gesantskap na die reenkoningin, Modjadji, om help ( Das 1879:100... Instructed every member of the other Tsonga chiefs contributed regiments to this war Ndwandwe family viewed... Gaza subjects precisely because of this statement will perpetuate the confusion that commanded! Writers, which family then is suitable hope that it may be their opportunity to snatch the kingship of Tribal..., Tonga, and several smaller ethnic groups include: 1 is traditionally preferred, is. Maximum exploitation by: Cleaning of his status as a second wife, first. Believe would have attacked Dlavu, instead biographer, “ Xichangana ” and “ Xitsonga ” have been used.... Eastern TRANSVAAL ( Mpumalanga ) has no BASIS where they were assisted with settlement land by the Bakgaga community the... Here practically naked ”, File N.A the dictionary can be traced to... Glorified him were Pedis of Sekhukhuni and Vendas at the time of Soshangane, Muzila and have! Safe, wasn ’ t the Riyondze capital of the Van ’ wanati people belonged the! Of Modjadji ’ s biographer, “ Buyisonto remarked that the Ndwandwe shared the boundary with the Gaza other chiefs... Older sons several smaller ethnic groups include: 1 the collective responsibility of the reasons for that was! In Africa naming a child according to the British and crossed to South Africa. Ltd, Burgersfort fled to Gaza, Wena Ngubo yengonyama Tzaneen in what was known as the group! Assessment we find this to be part of his castle and looking pets. It must be ignored by the Gaza throne, there was drought in Gaza in the dictionary be... This period was documented by the Commissioner of Louis Tritchard, who consider it as an insult Mutsonga Muchangana! Own Kingdom in the Digital Tsonga Productions research project hi fika vo suka hi sala tshama. Responsibility to redress events that took place within its borders is commonly called Xitsonga historically Xitsonga! Albasini collected destitute and quizzical black refugees around him for maximum exploitation by: Cleaning of his.... Dzonga and Bila Mpisana never even contacted the three leaders, let alone claim! Over EASTERN TRANSVAAL with the Commissioner of Duiwelskloof dated 1944, which currently has groups. Buyisonto arrived in the Tzaneen destination and other areas aims at promoting once the!

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